What We Can Do


specializing in design thinking.

Bringing Ideas to Light

It is one thing to offer services to businesses and another to innovate together. I know you have great ideas, but sometimes it is hard to stick with one. ​Sometimes it is even harder to know where to begin or you get overwhelmed thinking about all of the things on your to-do list!  I am the master of the pivot and helping people free their minds from all the clutter. Living in these uncertain times it is more important now than ever to know your WHY and HOW you can keep going. I can help you get back to where you began or start from the very beginning. My approach is one of empathy, non-judgement and love. Something we could all use now. First step? I need to get to know you.

I specialize in working with creatives, entrepreneurs and change-makers. Whether it is developing an innovative campaign, branding + design, e-commerce or 1:1 coaching, I have your back. I am the best in the business when it comes to building long-term creative strategy and diversifying income streams while also focusing on social impact. If you don't see something you need listed below I have a whole team of independent entrepreneurs that work with me - from strategic planning to full-scale branding campaigns, video and photography! Hit the button below to schedule our FREE consult together.


1:1 Coaching

There is nothing I love more than igniting the spirit of an entrepreneur. Whether you are just feeling burnt out or you need to know how to get started, I am here to help. With over 20 years of experience supporting all types of people + businesses - including running my own - I know my stuff. I am not here to feed you BS and take your money. I am here to help you find that power within. It is already there!


You just need to know you can do anything. Let me guide you.

Creative Direction

Your branding is essential to bringing your idea to light. Not only can I do a full creative audit, but I will also guide you through every step of telling your brand story.

Content Creation

Content creation trends are always changing. Know how to make a splash on a budget. Me and my team will work with you on how best to tell your story on social. You can do this!

Design Thinking

It's hard when you have a good idea and you aren't sure what to do first! Before you execute I can help you ideate, prototype and pivot. I swear I will teach you what all that means.

Space Activation

With over 20 years of experience, I am happy to help you plan a killer event. I have organized everything from large scale conferences to small pop ups including operating my own retail store and creative studio. 

Product Design

Not only do we create our own print-on-demand products, we can create yours to! From design to mock ups to shop launch, we got you. Imagine no upfront inventory costs!