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This is me.

I am Shelly. A thought-leader and visionary who is able to transform people + communities through innovative platforms and services. It is my job to disrupt. To call attention to broken systems and create new ways of doing business. I believe in the power of being different - of being an outsider and idealist who can change the world. Let me help you to become the very best version of both yourself and your business. We can do this - together. 

Design Thinking  Coaching 
Campaign Development 

 Branding   Event Concepts

Online Courses    Speaking 

Creative Initiatives


I advise entrepreneurs + creators on ideas
that can change the world. 

I want you to be the best you can be in business, harness the power of an idea and change the world. Through the use of unique systems and strategies I can help position you to be a thought-leader and generator of not only income, but also mind-blowing happiness. It is time for a new way of being  - to living the life you deserve while also building the capacity to initiate social change.

If you feel stuck I can help you. If your business is still just an idea we can work together to build it. My team of innovators can bring your genius into the world. Whether it is strategizing on how to pivot, branding + design, event concepts and overall business consultation  - we have your back. From start to finish and even after launching we never leave your side. We will empower you to get on the right path and become all you (and your ideas) are meant to be. 


Projects + Collaborations

Our newest project is the #weloveyoucampaign launched June 11.

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have created a new and exciting way

for entrepreneurs to come together and spread love. Join us.


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